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A. Maurice Haynes, Esq.

Founder, J.K. Haynes Charter Schools, Inc., Second Generation

Like his father, J.K. Haynes Sr., (the late) A. Maurice Haynes, Esq. believed that all persons had the right to a quality education, and toward this end, was founder and director of the J.K. Haynes Elementary Charter School. 

He was a dreamer, a man with a vision, an "eternal optimist." He was CEO of Our Christian Funeral Home in Ruston, Louisiana. He was also the attorney for The Leland College Center for Development, a visionary project aimed at establishing a multi-purpose community centered around a restored Leland College

He was a member of Mount Zion First Baptist Church, where he served on the Trustee Board. 

He held membership with The Louisiana State Bar Association, The National Bar Association, American Bar Association, Southern University Laboratory School Alumni Association and The Michigan State University Alumni Association.

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