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The Aspirational Vision

      The overarching goal of The J.K. Haynes Charter School is to assist students in realizing their maximum potential as human beings by providing them with a first-rate education in the sciences, mathematics and the humanities. Communication skills are essential to learning and particular focus will be placed on skills in Mathematics, English and  computing, the latter in recognition of the increasing importance of computing skills in communication. Students will not only be competent in the use of computers but in writing code upon completion of the curriculum.

     We recognize that we live in a time that more than ever needs moral leaders, and that our society would be better served by persons who had leadership training, beginning as early as possible.  To this end, our curriculum will seek to develop leadership skills in our students including providing exposure to the wisdom of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

     Early exposure to the humanities, including music, art and foreign languages is critical to preparing young people to live a well-rounded life, and giving them the passion to contribute to society. Therefore, our curriculum in the humanities will be strong with an emphasis on musical expression, particularly musical styles created by African-Americans, including spirituals and Jazz. ©

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